Take a walk to the Ends of the World . . .

Done looking over my Revolutionary Girl Utena website and reading my Utena fanfics? Then here's a place for you to take your pick of a new path to follow. Remember, no matter where you go, there you will find the Ends of the World . . .

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Other Links:

The Utena Encyclopedia: The place to go for information, on the anime, especially the scripts of the 39 episodes.

Utena Fanfic Repository: An archive of Utena fanfics with some of the best writing by fans of SKU.

Blood Soaked and Honor Bound: An archive of all sorts of Utena things, including a gallery of some rather interesting scans of SKU art. Quite the humorous site.

The Satellite of Revolution: An archive of MSTings of not so well crafted Utena fanfics. From the horribly wrong to the just plain stupid, the Duelists in Revolutionary Science Theater 3000 have to deal with it all.

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