Another hungry look in her eyes again,
Pacing the floor, the hunt begins.
Skin-tight leather provides my pleasure,
Wake my fear, surge with the pressure,
Walk away and leave forever, do I dare?
Raise my eyes, she stands,
Holding out healing hands
. . . Are you happy now?

-- Queensryche, "The Thin Line"

After the drinks are ordered and the waitress scurries away, he almost casually glances around at the crowded room with its flashing bright lights, deep shadows, loud music and drunken revelers. Almost casually -- he certainly seems to be one that's ever watchful and suspicious. "Look at them all, out there having a grand old time. The sheep unaware that the wolves are among them."

He turns his bright emerald gaze back to you, a sly smirk on that pretty face of his. "But we know better, don't we? We know that sometimes, there's truth in myths; sometimes, the fairy tales are real -- and far darker and deadlier than we imagined."

"Ah, I see I've piqued your curiosity. It's written all over your face. But before I go on, I need to warn you. My story isn't a pretty one at times. You will hear of situations that are rather explicit, brutally violent, even sometimes outright grotesque. Were it a movie, it would be considered NC-17."

He chuckles softly, a sound that's every bit as melodic as his speaking voice -- and just as perfectly suited to carrying the subtle tones of his emotions. "Are you old enough to listen to such tales of sex and gore? Think the laws around here will let you see such images? Answer truthfully now . . ."


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